The Climb

About This Project

Someone is always above; someone is always below; they all need each other to sustain the wall. But what happens if one chooses not to climb? What happens if one pauses in the pursuit?


One woman stands alone before a video projection of hundreds of bodies climbing an imaginary wall. As if pausing from the climb, she presents her own struggle to reach the top and discovers a new space, an immanent space.


The Climb investigates the notion of “climbing to the top” and what we’re willing to do to get there. The top is different for everyone, but the struggle is just the same – full of fear, frustration, anxiety and no longer knowing how to place oneself in space. We create walls to organize this chaos – to define space and shape identity. But the builders of walls are the selfsame people climbing them. And the original organizers of chaos become its quintessential embodiment.