About This Project

Contact is a solo performance piece utilizing voice and gesture and relying heavily on audience interaction. It is performed in the dark, with only hands illuminated. In 10 minutes or less, Catherine intends to actualize her own wish for deep human connection. The piece concludes when an audience member approaches the table and makes contact with me by touching or shaking my hand (thus fulfilling the wish). If the wish is fulfilled, Catherine reveals her face in the light – she will be seen. If no one touches her hand before the 10 minutes is up, the wish is unfulfilled, and she remains unseen.


We live in a fast-paced world where networking and connecting with others is critical to success. Provocative

flash fictions, quick-witted missives, and rapid displays of data often help in attracting others, gaining visibility

and making contact. But for slow processors like Catherine, contact can be challenging. One can easily get stuck

behind the web of fast thinkers, becoming an invisible observer rather than an active weaver. She longs not only

to make contact more quickly (and easily) but also to connect more deeply. However, these two desires often

contradict themselves. Contact is Catherine’s attempt to bring them together.