Celebrity Bound

About This Project

In Celebrity Bound, an actress-turned-artist grapples with the polarities of the ordinary and the celebrity by confronting her own desire and disgust for fame. Movement, gesture, scripted and improvised text, video, and interactive media shape a complex narrative that oscillates between comedy, dark satire, brutal honesty, fantasy, heartbreak, and hope. She conspires with the audience to achieve a single goal – to become a star. The quest is very real and performed in real time. It is an interactive piece that challenges the audience’s role as celebrity spectator/creator.

Celebrity Bound is localized for every venue, not only in text but also in resources, actions, and stakes. Every location is different; every show is different; every run increases her fame.


We admire celebrities for daring us to believe that anyone can achieve success, fame, and fortune, yet we condemn them for seemingly having it all and for leading glamorous lifestyles that are well beyond our reach. What are the forces behind celebrity? What drives the cultural phenomenon to simultaneously build and destroy the “Beautiful People”? In divulging my desire for fame, I encourage the audience to confront their own fantasies of fame, inviting them on stage to perform those fantasies and creating a space for them to reconcile their insatiable and bittersweet drive for achieving, having, and becoming “more”.