About Catherine

American performer, writer, and theatre maker, Catherine Duquette, specializes in audience-performer relations and improvisation within a dramaturgical score. She creates intimate participatory works that draw on autobiographical materials to share contemporary experiences with active audiences. Curious about expanding notions of performance, her writing takes the form of performative fictions, interactive poetry, scripts, and choice-based narrative for video games.



She is currently exploring game design as a dramaturgical approach to theatre in order to allow audiences more emotional and personal investment in what happens on stage. She is especially interested in using game design to create a space in which audiences free themselves from unquestioned routines and implicit social systems.



Based in Berlin, her work has been supported by MOMENTUM Gallery, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Centre, Battersea Arts Centre in London, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art in Poland, a Fulbright Fellowship in Spain, the International Festival of the Delphic Games in Greece, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado, and the Subterranean Art House in Berkeley, California. She studied theatre at Arizona State University and the British American Drama Academy in England. Catherine earned her master’s degree in Performance Studies from New York University.



Artist Statement

My work is personal, honest, interactive, and social.


I create performance in attempt to parse a personal terrain that is both fixed and fluid, investigating how personality and body are shaped, controlled, or distorted to meet the expected, aspired, or desired. My practice seeks to challenge notions of intimacy, desire, success, and authority.


I begin a project when my ways of seeing conflict with those I observe around me, when a detail becomes an obsession, or when an interaction with another person becomes a point of regret. I am equally fascinated and frustrated by skewed acts of perception – how ways of seeing are so often formed in response to fear, insecurity, laziness, want, lust, and greed.


I write to perform a poetic act, an act of perception that beckons new ways of seeing in its creation. The sounds, rhythms, and repetitions of words are just as critical as their content. Applying meaning to the meaningless while destabilizing familiar paradigms serves to highlight my own struggles with language, particularly its troubling but awesome ability to concretize a reality that is hugely absurd.


My work is social. My work examines communication, language, movement, gesture, and identity as ideological forces. My work grapples with the intrapersonal and interpersonal, in relation to the governing forces that influence our behavior, communication, and perceptions.  My work manifests as performance, interactive theater, texts, and video.





2007 MA, Performance Studies New York University, New York, NY

2003 BA, Theatre Arizona State University and Barrett Honors College, Tempe, AZ

2002 Certificate British American Drama Academy, Oxford, England



2015 The Climb, Let Me In, site-specific performance festival, Berlin (upcoming!)

2014 Celebrity Bound, English Theater Berlin & 100 Grad Festival, HAU 1, Berlin

          Fresh Poetry Portraiture,  48 Stunden Neukölln, NowHere Kitchen, Berlin

          Contact, Month of Performance Art, MPA-HUB, Berlin

          Home, Meeting the Odyssey – Instant Berlin, site-specific performance on the River Spree | Radial System V

2013 On Presence | On Paper, MOMENTUM, Berlin

          Six Easy Pieces, English Theatre Berlin & Sophiensaele, Berlin

          Words, Phrases, Poems, Expat Markt, Berlin

2012 Scent of Crimson, Uferhallen, Berlin

2009 Lady in Blue, Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley, CA

2004 Triptych of the Southwest, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

2003 Mefisto’s Obsession, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Minneapolis, MN



2013 Pan, Now! Now! Neverland!, Colonia Nova, Berlin

2011 On Uncertain Terms, Elena Bajo, S/T – Contemporary Art and Culture, Berlin

2008 Victoria, The Monument, Milbank Chapel, New York, NY

           Echoes {1928/2005} Through, Dixon Place, New York, NY

2006 Maggie, Difficult Words, The Public, New York, NY

2005 The Loving Cup, Stout Street, Denver, CO

           The Anonymous Mr. W, The LIDA Project, USA Tour

2004 Gerty/Sibyl/Nymph/Kitty, Ulysses: Circe, Germinal Stage, Denver, CO

           Leonide, The Triumph of Love, Germinal Stage, Denver, CO

2003 Mefisto, Theatre Works Phoenix, AZ

           La Llorona, Myth and Ritual Festival Tempe, AZ

2002 Woman, 4.48 Psychosis, Balliol Hall, Oxford, England

           Tisbea, Don Juan, Galvin Playhouse, Tempe, AZ

2001 Saint Joan, Herberger Dedication Gala, Tempe, AZ

2001 Addie Borland, Fly Photo Tombstone, Galvin Playhouse, Tempe, AZ

2001 Irina, Three Sisters, Prism Theater, Tempe, AZ



2009 Mythological Landscapes of the Body Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley, CA

2008 Ecological Imagination: Sustainability through Performance in Costa Rica

2005 Federico Garcia Lorca on Stage, l’Associació d’Investigació i Experimentació Teatral, Barcelona, Spain

2005 Staging Yerma, Instituto de la Lengua Española, Madrid, Spain

2003 Surrealism on Stage, San Juan, Puerto Rico



2010 Curation, Mythological Landscapes of the Body Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley, CA

2009 Panel, Àgreda’s Face of the Earth: Performing Corporeal and Spatial Simultaneities Topographies: Sites, Bodies, Technologies Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2007 Presentation, Immanence of the Lady in Blue New York University, New York, NY

2005 Workshop, Confronting Myth for Performance Festival of the Delphic Games, Delphi, Greece Workshop, Performing Politics Americans for Informed Democracy, Madrid, Spain

2004 Panel, Contemporary Spanish Drama La Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Madrid, Spain

2004 Creative consultation, Arte por Palabra: Entre Ángeles y Creacionismo Sala Egenau, Santiago, Chile



2004 Fulbright Fellowship, Spain

2003 Honors Thesis of Distinction for Performance Methodology

David and Patricia Kader Prize in Creative Achievement in Performance

2002 David and Patricia Kader Prize in Creative Achievement in Performance

British American Drama Academy Performance Grant